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Working on setting things up here - please excuse any mess or weird broken stuff you may see! I've imported most entries from LJ but the images and links are all broken so they're hidden from public view for now. :\

I'd likely be fixing the icons, graphics, and tutorial posts first since I'm already re-posting the resource downloads on my Tumblr. (And, hopefully, I'd eventually get around to figuring out how to theme DW... but that might have to wait.)

I'm still unsure about what I'm going to be doing here - especially because I'm not very familiar with the graphics making community on DW at all. If any of you have community recommendations and such, I'd love to hear it! Thank you. :)

Naruto: 30 Icons

Thursday, July 5th, 2007 02:26 am
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I had wanted to try something different, so I set up some odd specifications and limitations for making this particular batch of icons. Basically, I gave myself 4 rules. If I were to use textures, it has to be from this set (I randomly picked an old one of mine). No text allowed, including tiny ones. I'd use only the Naruto manga chapter b/w covers for the icons. And finally, I can't rotate any of the pictures, do multiple/duplicate cropping of the pictures, or combine any of them either. *_* Sooo, this is the style I ended up with. I wish I could say they turned out better than I hoped, but at least it was a somewhat interesting experience.

*Last 2 icons are just old ones thrown in with this lot and not part of the aforementioned "personal challenge" exercise.

06. 27. 10.

I ship Kiba and Hanabi )
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Another old requested icon batch. It feels really strange to be posting Takeshi Kaneshiro icons. ._. He's a friend I knew from high school, so Takeshi's definitely one person I always felt entirely too odd about iconing. After a whole lot of smirking while making them last year, I finally gave up at 10 uninspired icons. :p

04. 05. 08.

Don't laugh! )

Butterflies: 16 Icons

Saturday, June 16th, 2007 09:08 am
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Once upon a time, I promised several people I'd make butterfly icons. And I did... almost a year ago. I never did post them because I kept thinking I'd make more, but the next thing I know, it's been 11 months and I still haven't made any more. -_- So now I'm thinking it might be a good idea to be less ambitious and just post whatever I have (which are very old and outdated icons). It's just as well, since I think I may have forgotten how to make icons. Please enjoy these if you can. And btw, the broken icon links in my older posts have all finally been fixed; sorry about that!

If you've been wondering what happened to me and my updates, I posted a little life update under the icons cut as well...

04. 16. 11.

Butterflies and Babbles )
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I'm trying to clear all the old stuff out of my computer before making anything new, so I dug up these ancient animanga icons- most are about 8 months old and on. Goodness, time flies. *_* Total of 31 icons. A lot of these were experimental, mostly to test out some of my own resources while a few were accumulated from challenges and such. I generally dislike multi-fandom posts, but I'd end up keeping these for life if I don't dump them now. :\ Hope someone likes them!

24 - Naruto
03 - Inuyasha
02 - Gravitation
01 - Spirited Away
01 - Vision of Escaflowne

15. 01. 05.

Shikamaru and Temari is my OTP )
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I've never made Halloween icons, Christmas icons, or any special day icons. I tried my hand at Valentine's Day icons after I was laughing about it with a friend- but then of course, I also failed at making true Valentine's Day icons. :p They turned into mostly warped quotes about love with a few Valentine's Day stuff. The only lovey thing about them might be my attempt at plastering hearts all over with some float-y clouds to portray ze soaring love. Ah, I so fail at lovey love stuff. And yes, these are a bit early...

02. 13. 05.

Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. )
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Long time no icon post. ^^; All of this set, except for the last 6, were done back in early December so they're kind of old. I wanted to make at least 20, but I was so busy that I didn't get to whip up the rest until now. Ah, this has made me realize how much I miss making icons. I've been so absorbed with making resources that I think I forgot how to icon. *_* Also, for the first time ever, I've thrown in a header as well.

For those who have never heard of or watched Run Lola Run (aka Lola Rennt), you really should. It's a hundred shades of awesome and one of my all-time favorite films ever. :)

04. 15. 13.

How do we know what we believe to know? )
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This was supposed to be a brush update, but then I got side-tracked and ended up using those brushes for these icons first. ^^; These also originally started small- with an intention to include them in my 100 NANA manga icon challenge, but they kept growing and growing and now I don't know if they should be used for the challenge anymore? I may pick a few out later... not sure yet. Anyhow, there are 40 total simplistic NANA mood icons, 4 of which are just border variations. I hope you like them!

05. 03. 01. icons are yelling! )
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*gasp* Icon update! ^^; I've been wanting to give one of those abc challenges a try- and since I've always wanted to make icons for The Fifth Element, I signed up for it at [ profile] abc_icons a few days ago to hit them two birds with one stone. ;p I absolutely love this movie- I thought everything about it was just really cool. :D As usual, I tried to play with the style to match the movie's feel/mood and I hope I've managed to achieve at least a little bit of that. Comments greatly loved, you know that. :3

M. O. Q.

Mmmm...chicken!! )

Another texture set coming soon!
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Once upon a time, some people requested astrology/horoscope icons and I made some but never finished the batch. I finally got off my butt and did the whole astrological signs set in 3 different style series, as shown in the preview so there are basically 3 sets of 12 signs. The last one has some "questionable" quotes for "after sex" comments. ^^; Not sure how much people would like these icons since they're a bit obscure and not your general fandom types. But I hope you'll enjoy looking at them anyway! Comments much appreciated. :)

Preview: (36 Total in 3 Styles)
08. 15. 33.

What is your sign? )

Note: Again, some of these are just to poke fun! I hope no one is offended by these icons.
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As if I haven't already been making enough NANA-related I've gone and signed up at [ profile] manga100 for the NANA manga to make 100 icons too. I figured this may cure my little (or large) obsessive need to make NANA icons even though NANA's too great to stop obsessing about. :D

Note: Due to a really hectic bump, I have given up on the challenge and this post will not longer be updated. So as of final count, there are 64 total icons + 9 variations of themes. All additional NANA icons I make will be updated as I normally do with my icon posts. (Yes, I'll still be making NANA icons!)

The Massive NANA Challenge! )

Plug: [ profile] nana_awards for NANA icon challenge. Please join! ^^
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Gah, it's been a while since I've felt this wishy-washy dissatisfaction with a batch of icons. :p I'm really no good with making icons of something I've never seen before- even if it is NANA's live action movie and I'm already familiar with the story. I just couldn't decide what kind of look/style to give it...and I think that ended up reflecting on how this batch turned out. I wish I could've done it justice, especially since I absolutely can't wait for the movie's release- but me thinks I'll reserve any making of future Nana live action movie icons until I've seen the actual movie. But anyway...I'm rambling. ^^; There are 23 icons total in this batch. Comments greatly loved!

Preview: (23 Total)
21. 05. 06.

A great little anticipation... )

Super Plug: [ profile] nana_awards, an icontest for the manga NANA. Please do join up- the first challenge is going up this coming Wednesday! ^^ While I'm plugging, go join the new Nana community [ profile] nana_fans too. ;p
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Ah, my latest obsession...NANA! And of course I couldn't resist making icons. There are 36 in this batch, all of the awesome manga NANA and consists of various characters. But's been a while since I last did any anime or manga related icons. ^^; I may do the NANA live action movie icons in the near future as well though.

Preview: (36 Total)
10. 11. 12.

Destined to just be... )

ETA: [ profile] nana_awards, an icon challenge community for NANA. Please go join! ^^

19 Sin City Icons

Wednesday, June 29th, 2005 01:36 am
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Sin City icons today- I was slow to watch this movie so I know I'm behind a billion others who have already done icons for this movie. Hopefully I've still managed to do something different and that you'll find something you like here anyway. ^^; There are 19 total- I originally planned to make much much more but somewhere along the way, I realized the icons were not going in the direction I wanted them to so I lost the inspiration to continue. :\

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13. 11. 17.

In Sin City, everything goes... )

47 Harry Potter GoF icons

Wednesday, June 8th, 2005 01:40 am
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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire icons today. That didn't come as a surprise did it? I know there are only that many pictures available so far and tons of people have already done icons for it all over the place...but since some of you requested these, I knew I couldn't resist as I solemnly admit to eagerly awaiting the movie's release along with everyone else. :D One main complaint I have though- why are there practically no Draco Malfoy pictures or am I just looking in the wrong places?

Anyhow, just about all are GoF with the exception of 2 from PoA and 1 that's an actor icon. Total of 47 though there should've been more but I decided to break the batch up. There should be a smaller HP batch coming up soon after this. Anyhow, I hope you like these for now! :)

Preview: (47 Total)
09. 18. 16.

July and November are wonderful months... )

* Additional sets of gradients, brushes, and textures all coming in the near future!

ETA: Eh...since so many people are asking me about where to download the font I used, I figured I should add a note about it. The "script" words you see on icons 1-25 is actually not a font. I hand-wrote all those scribbles myself with my own fingers. Glad to hear that you guys seem to like it though. ^^;;
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Non-fandom icons this time...and it's all food related. Mostly desserts and a few drinks. This was what I was doing until Heath Ledger interrupted me. ^^ I was going through a moment of food cravings so I decided to make use of it and turn it into icons. Not sure if anyone's all that interested in these types of icons, but umm...enjoy anyway?

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05. 03. 25.

Calorie-free to look at... )
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I came across some Heath Ledger pictures the other day and I couldn't resist side-tracking from some other icons I was working on- he's too cute to not icon. ♥ I don't think these icons did him justice though. I've been feeling less and less inspired lately. >_>;; Either way, here are some icons for sharing goodness...all of Heath Ledger. I hope you like em!

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05. 10. 09.

The Heath is On... )
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Sharing some accumulated Gwen Stefani and No Doubt icons that's been sitting in my computer. My creative mojo has been a bit dry lately...but I shall start on my claims at [ profile] icons100 and [ profile] iconfiend100 very soon. And yes, I shall also work on the remaining icon requests asap. ^^;

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01. 11. 19.

A Simple Kind of Life... )
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I finally got around to watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind... I must be the only person left who hasn't seen this film. But of course I absolutely loved the movie and just had to icon it. 18 total, all ESotSM. There were so many moments I didn't get to capture in these icons but I figured I can always do a 2nd batch in the future. :D


Would you erase if you could? )
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I've always loved Baz Luhrmann's version of Romeo and Juliet, so iconing the movie was a sooner or later thing. ^^ This must be my most colorful batch ever though- I wanted to capture the movie's colorful interpretation with a touch of its whimsical-ish bits...and this is what I ended up with. I'm still trying to decide if I managed it, but I hope you like them anyhow! 23 total icons in this post; brightness coming...


And so a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life... )
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